Hi Folks,

So had an issue with past 2 or 3 drawings we have recieved from other parties when I go to print them out for my colleagues.

Usually when I recieve and outside parties drawings I can just print them off using one of our plot style tables set up for monochrome or the generic company table (ctb files by the way!), this removes any issues with whatever colours the drawings have been produced with.

I can usually just do this in the plot dialog where at the top right hand side there is the drop down menu for plot styles, but in these past few case our standard tables have not appeared in the drop down, there are a couple of stb files listed but are not of any use.

I have checked the plot style folder via the options button under the big 'A', and everything appears to still be there, i just cant get the option to choose them.

This has only happened since upgrading to 2013. Has something changed? I hope I am missing something really simple here?

Thanks for any input.