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Thread: Maintaing offset stations when the alignment changes

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    Question Maintaing offset stations when the alignment changes

    Greetings All!

    I have a road project that is about 4 miles long and we are creating plan and profile sheets for the new road. one set of items that we need to note in the plan view, profile view and cross sections is existing driveway culverts and existing driveways for that matter. I have found that with the fixed point alingment label I can label these points that are offset from the alignment and if the alignment changes the stationing and offset distance for these fixed points updates with the alignment. The problem I have is find an equivalent labeling method for my profile, corridor and sample lines. once I label something in my profile, pick a sample station in my corridor, or add a specific sample line to my group it is static, not dynamic. If the alignment changes again after locating these specific stations I will have to go back through every label in the profile, every sample station in the corridor, & every sample line to correct the problem. Has anyone else come across this problem? any help would be greatly appriciated.

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    Default Re: Maintaing offset stations when the alignment changes

    Not sure if there's a better solution, but you might try placing a point (in plan view), and project that/them into your Profile View... Just be sure to set them to a 'no plot' point style, and you can query the location any time you need, without littering the hard copy.

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