Summary: When an option dialog box opens up, set default option to OK or Apply, and allow center mouse button (or scroll wheel click) to select default answer

Description: It greatly improves the workflow if, when an option dialog box opens up, the default option is set to OK or Apply, and you can use the center mouse button (or scroll wheel click) to select the default answer. The closest option now is using the Windows option of having the cursor move to the default option in a dialog box, but that is greatly disruptive since the dialog boxes do not come up where you need to keep your mouse very often. This is a function that I have had available in other software and it was significant in improving the workflow and clicking through options, especially if the dialog box remembers your last selections for things you have to repeat and simply can click through.

As an example, when using the Thicken/Offset command to thicken several disrupted but coplanar surfaces that can't be selected all at once because they aren't continuous but all need the same thicken, you can click on one suface, complete the command, and then click the next surface middle mouse click and the next surface and middle mouse click, all while moving the mouse to where you need to rather than constantlymovign back and forth between surfaces and dialog boxes. Thicken, as it turns out, isn't a great example command because it isn't persistant and closes after every one application (Apply on Thicken is another wish list item for sure).

Product and Feature: Inventor - Other

Submitted By: Barton Crowell on 09/13/2012