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Thread: Revit Icon "R Logo" in top left screen errors (Not blackout error)

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    Question Revit Icon "R Logo" in top left screen errors (Not blackout error)

    Quick question, Is the Revit Start icon in the top left corner of the program tied to anything that maybe on a server? We are experiencing a strange phenomenon where it takes 4 or 5 minutes for the pull down menu to appear. It makes printing, exporting and getting into options a pain. All the computers are Windows XP -64bit. I would think that's a local computer thing, but since it also opens projects saved in a quick access list, does that mean if our server is slow then the file is slow to read those items?

    UPDATE: 10-5-12
    Change/delete old references in the Revit.ini file that do try to read files from a server that no longer exists. i.e. S2:/ is now S1A:/
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