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Thread: Software for 3d modeling

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    Default Software for 3d modeling


    Would Autodesk Viz be a good program to buy with the intent of creating 3-D models, walk-throughs, etc?? What other software might be a good choice??


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    When it comes to 3d modeling, just about any of the adesks products can do it in some fashion. The question I think you need to ask is what is the model going to be used for. For example, are you going to try and create something that is more photo-realistic, or more for the conceptual presentations. So in other words, do you want a program that you can model in quickly, or is the rendering engine more important. I'm not a Vizy myself, all my models I create in ADT and then export to Viz Render (think of it as a light version of Viz that ships with ADT) to get a picture. In Revit, you can create models and render using Revit's rendering engine (Which is Accurender). In Revit you can create fly-bys and Walkthroughs. With either of these, you're not going to get a truly photo-realistic image, but you will have the benefit of having a model that can be used for something other than just a picture. You can use them for your CD's as the project progresses.
    Max is going to give you the best look and better modeling options than Viz from my understanding. So if it's the picture/video you are after I'd go with Max as a first choice and Viz as a second. You may also want to check out the 2007 version of ADT. Adesk upgraded the rendering engine inside ADT and Acad. Lots of great new features. I think currently the rendering features in Acad/ADT are better than what you would find in Revit.
    I'd go to the Adesk website and download the free trial version and take it for a test drive. That's the best way to find out what you are getting.
    Good luck
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    Default Re: Software for 3d modeling

    Do not use Blender. Just because its the best does not mean its the only one that will suit your desires. If you actually learn the BASICS for blender, you need to watch hours on hours of tutorials. there are so many shortcuts and the layout is super complicated, if you want to make basic models and shapes I recommend Fusion360.
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