I've been exploring hangers, and they only seem to be really geared towards mechanical and plumbing. On the electrical side, a hanger doesn't necessarily stop just past a conduit rack; the electricians like some extra space. This extra space is good for future conduits as well as smaller conduits that aren't modeled (I haven't heard of anyone modeling single 3/4" to 1-1/4" conduits unless there was a rack of them).

In the past few weeks, I've found that electricians (at least ours) prefer unistrut cut lengths to be in increments of 2" if we are modeling them. This allows more flexibility in the different types of unistrut they use (2-inch slotted, 4-inch slotted, etc.). This comes into play when they are cutting and want to cut a solid piece, and not cut directly through the slot.

The part I find difficult is finding this 2" increment. Right now, as I've discovered, the Channel Left Offset & Right Offset values come from the CENTER of a conduit/duct/pipe. Which is fine, I can work with that. My problem is finding the over length of the channel. I'm trying to create my own definition and am struggling (See Forum Post Here) to get it to work.

My Suggestion is this:
Give us a way to enter the channel length automatically. If I want a 2'-0"L unistrut, let me define that. I don't want to have to do a math problem everytime I'm creating racks; it's counter-productive.

I would also like for an easier way to identify the elevation of a hanger. While right now I can create a formula to work, it may not work in all cases where perhaps I'm wanting to install conduit on the BOTTOM side of a rack.