Does anyone know how to use the "Table" option for Data Storage in the Parameter Configuration of Size Parameters for a Structure in Part Builder?

Here's why... I'm trying to add several existing structures to my pipe network. The structures are a "Two Tier" type of structure. The surveyors gave me an "Entrance" measurement (which is the structure riser height) and a "Structure Invert" measurement (which is the structure rim to sump height). I've made a structure that allows me to add a structure riser height (inserted as a part size) and I control the sump by elevation. But as you can imagine this is tedious work due to the SEVERAL different lengths of the structure riser height; then I have to manually enter the control sump by elevation number. I'm hoping the "Table" option would allow me to have a spreadsheet with all the info already calculated.

I don't know, but there has to be an easier way of doing this. If there isn't, there should be!!!!!