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Thread: Changing the "Line1", "Line2", etc headers in the Project description dialog box?

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    Default Changing the "Line1", "Line2", etc headers in the Project description dialog box?

    I've been wondering about this for forever.
    I'm making a title block for my work group and we need to be absolutely certain what info is going into which attribute, and having the lines in the project descriptions dialog box properly marked is the best way of doing that (especially since we have several less experienced users).
    Does anybody know how to change the headers/titles?

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me.

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    Default Re: Changing the "Line1", "Line2", etc headers in the Project description dialog box?

    You would change this information by creating a default_wdtitle.wdl file. Here is an example of how you format the file.
    LINE1=Title 1:
    LINE2=Title 2:
    LINE3=Title 3:
    LINE4=Title 4:
    LINE5=Title 5:
    LINE6=Title 6:
    LINE7=Job Number:
    LINE8=Drawing Number:
    LINE9=Drawn By:

    You would designate the names of your attributes and insert them where you want them.
    SH_MAX = SHEETMAX have to be included in order for your sheet numbers to update correctly when you do a titleblock update.

    The help files are very helpful for the procedure.
    Here is a snippet;
    Map a title block using the WDT file method
    Create a mapping for the title block using an external WDT file.
    Open a drawing that contains the title block inserted as a block.
    Click Project tabOther Tools panelTitle Block Setup.
    Select a title block link method:Method 1:
    <Project> .WDT file Create a project-specific mapping file with the same file name as the active project name and a WDT extension.
    DEFAULT.WDT Create a default mapping file in the same folder as the project file. This file is used if a project-specific file does not exist.
    DEFAULT.WDT Create a default mapping file in the default AutoCAD Electrical support folder. This file is used if a project-specific file does not exist and no DEFAULT.WDT file exists in the project folder.
    NoteTitle Block Update looks first for any blocks with a WD_TB attribute. If the WD_TB attribute is found, the WDT file is ignored.
    Click OK.
    If the .WDT file exists:
    Click View to view and edit the file.
    Click Overwrite to create a file.
    Click Edit to modify the existing file.
    If no existing file is found, identify the AutoCAD block name of the title block.
    In the Title Block Setup dialog box, select the attribute from each list to map to its corresponding AutoCAD Electrical value.
    Click Drawing Values to assign drawing specific and plotting values.
    Click User Defined to map attributes to text constants or AutoLISP values.
    Click OK.
    Title Block Setup updates or creates the WDT file with the selected mappings.
    You have to have a copy of this file in all active projects or the location in your network where the project files are stored/ referenced from.

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