I am grading a large site using feature lines as break lines. I have discovered that after deleting a feature line which is a breakline in my surface, my surface has breaklines with zero verticies. These are created most every time a feature line/breakline is deleted, so they build up over time. Once they reach some quantity my surface disappears after rebuilding and is corrupted. The only way to recover the surface is to go through every Breakline set and delete the breaklines with zero vertices. After deleting the zero vertices breaklines, I can rebuild the surface and everything is OK.

However, if I delete feature lines/breaklines and forget to check for the zero vertices breaklines then my surface looks OK but is corrupted. My contours are wrong and my surface spot elevations are incorrect. My plans show bad spot elevations and contours. I must delete these zero vertices breaklines regularly to ensure my surface is accurate.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I have just discovered this problem and must go review past projects to see if any of my surfaces are corrupted by breaklines with zero vertices.....