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Thread: Autocad search & replace text

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    Default Autocad search & replace text

    We are moving away from using a big font and going to Arial.In the big font we typed in ~w for 3/4 stack along with all the other fractionsand symbols.

    So I was going to make a script file that would run throughthem all but I cannot get the command "find" to execute without thedialog box as this will stop the script file.

    Can you help with this maybe someone knows of another way.Basically I have multiple different search & replaces in the same drawing and the samething needs to be done in multiple drawings. I do not wish to go through multiple sheets searching and replacing each

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Autocad search & replace text

    try select all then modify click text then change the font and size u desired.

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