I have AutoCAD Arch. 2013 on my PC and using a network license server. A while ago, before we upgraded our network to run a 1 Gb/sec to the PCs, we had a problem where AutoCAD/Revit would lose connection to the license server and time-out (losing a license). We added the environment variable FLEXLM_TIMEOUT = 1000000 which solved the timeout issue.

Last week our Autodesk license server died and we created a new license server. Ever since the new server went live, AutoCAD takes 2 or 3 minutes to open. It gets stuck displaying Checking License ...

I got rid of the FLEXLM_TIMEOUT environmental variable and AutoCAD took the same 10 seconds to get to the "Checking Status" status and opened 15 seconds later.

So my question is: what setting on the new license server needs to be tweaked so it doesn't behave so badly when it encounters the FLEXLM_TIMEOUT on the users PCs?