I'm looking to expand my knowledge of the use of AutoCAD. I graduated six years ago and went to work for a company that used AutoCAD LT. For the past six years I've used nothing but the basic CAD commands to draw roof plans and details, that for the most part are repetitive My company has made the investment and upgraded to AutoCAD Design Sweets mainly for the Full AutoCAD and Revit package. Now I'm taking a three day class the beginning of November on Revit but I need some refresher on Full AutoCAD. I'm tired of being a mediocre CAD operator and want to use this program for the power it is... Does anyone have suggestions on learning tools? Books, Magazines, websites, or classes? I'm probably not capable of getting anything reimbursed thru the company and would be on my own for cost so probably not looking for crazy expensive options just yet. I'd like to be great at my career and give myself a leg up if I would ever decide to change jobs. Any suggestions the community has would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.