We have multiple versions of MAX on different machines, Backburner's directions specifies that the software doesn't work across multiple versions. Our solution was to use the Remote Desktop Feature of Windows 7.0 and set up one set an access group for r2012 and another for r2013. It means that we have duplicate information on each group (maps etc.) and an r2012 version of the MAX file of some machines and r2013 on others. We render several test frames across the segment we want to render each evening and use the average time to get the most frames from each machine-run. Frame times renge from 2.5-18 minutes each. It works reasonably well, we're are currently running 3600 frames from a 1/3 gig model across 6 machines and can do a 640x 480 .avi in about 48 hours. The HD (1980 x 1020) will take us quite a while however, about 2-weeks