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Thread: Add Wood Flooring to floor?

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    Default Add Wood Flooring to floor?

    There are several threads on floor finishes, but I can't seem to find one that addresses this particular issue. I'm the Revit person at our office and am slightly more than a beginner, so I could use some best practice help. We are working on the boss' house, he wants to put on an enclosed porch addition. He wants to see all the details, specific dimensions, exact floor heights etc. Currently the elevated porch has a typical wood structure and he intends to add 3/4" tongue and groove wood flooring. I know that he wants this included in the drawings.

    Adding this to the floor element works everywhere EXCEPT where the floor goes under the walls. I try to model items the way they are built and the wood floor would not be installed before the walls are in place, so I need to be able to show (in sections and details) the wood floor thickness as if it were installed after the wall is in place. So the floor structure and sub floor would be in place, then the wall on top of that, then the wood flooring on top of that. So the wood floor would show as 3/4" up the side of the wall.

    Other threads on floor finishes seem to focus on how they look in plan, I need assistance on how people might handle these in sections/details. As usual, AUGI doesn't allow me to attach images, so hopefully this description is adequate. Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Add Wood Flooring to floor?

    Model the finish floor as a separate floor object with the required boundaries.

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    Default Re: Add Wood Flooring to floor?

    When you create the wall and floor, you can set the function of each layer so that things join up the way you expect. See the image I've attached for a better explanation. You can change the order of the wall and floor finish join by swapping Finish 1 and Finish 2 categories in each assembly.

    Also, if you don't already know it, the Cut Profile tool is excellent for working in section details to get this kind of thing right. Often, I don't worry about modeling all the joints and details correctly and only fix it with linework and fill regions in the details. In this particular case, you can get it right in the model with very little fuss.

    Wall-Floor Joint.jpg

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