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Thread: Room Tags were showing and Now they are not.

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    Unhappy Room Tags were showing and Now they are not.

    I have a deadline tomorrow so any help would be much appreciated. I've Googled this issue and nothing thus far is a fix for me.

    I am working in Revit MEP and placing the room tags in my file. They are attached to The linked architectural file. We were sent a new Arch file a few days ago and since the reload the room Tags cease to work. Currently the tags i placed are still there but all of them are question marks as if the room is not found or the tag is out of the room boundary.

    When i try and place a new tag the room name and number show up, but when I click to set the tag I get this warning (None of the created elements are visible in Floor Plan: OA LEVEL 7 MECHANICAL PIPING PLAN View. You may want to check the active view, its Parameters, and Visibility settings, as well as any Plan Regions and their settings.) and the tag disappears.

    Ok, I've checked VG and room tags are on, I've checked the view range and the cut plane is at 4' which is right in the middle of the room, I've turned on the light bulb and they do not show up as hidden. Please help, I'm out of time and out of ideas.


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    Default Re: Room Tags were showing and Now they are not.

    If I understand correctly, the rooms that you were placing in the architectural link are not being recognized any more after the reload.
    Try this: select the architectural link > Edit type > see if the "Room bounding" property is still ON. Probably it was ON before and now it is not.

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    Default Re: Room Tags were showing and Now they are not.

    I am having this exact same problem currently. I think it has to do with design options, not with the room bounding parameter of the link.

    Our project has two architecture companies performing work in two separate models, myself being one of the architects. We have been designing portions of this building as we go with design options. The design options have rooms within them and if the primary option is changed the previously tagged rooms will no longer be visible.

    Here's what I think it is:
    1. The primary design option from the architecture model was tagged in your model.
    2. The primary design option changed in the architecture model.
    3. When you reload the architecture model the room tags you placed cannot find the rooms that are now part of a secondary design option.

    I have not had time to verify that this is exactly the issue, but I do not see what else it could be.

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