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Thread: Acad LT Won't Start, Maintenance also won't run, any ideas???

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    Default Acad LT Won't Start, Maintenance also won't run, any ideas???

    Hello, Just all of a sudden one day LT 2008 won't start, nothing happens (running on MS Vista).
    Read many ideas on Support, seems to come down to Repair, or Uninstall and Reinstall.

    One suggestion was use Windows Add/Remove Programs. This starts Installation Wizard - Maintenance Mode. Then I selected Repair.

    The following error message comes up:
    The following problems were encountered which prevented AutoCAD LT 2008 from updating successfully:
    -Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and that you can write to it.

    Click Finish to exit.

    SO my question is: what is this log file and where should it reside? Message does not give specific name of the log file. (Installation log)
    Is it just plain missing? Why?
    This seems to have happened after a Windows update....

    The only log file I could find was C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2008\adlmlog

    One main problem with this is W/O Maintenance being able to run I can't do a Repair or normal Uninstall....

    Any and all ideas welcome.

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    Default Re: Acad LT Won't Start, Maintenance also won't run, any ideas???

    Option A, uninstall the LT 2008 application, following autodesk's 'clean uninstall' procedure from their web site, and re-install only after everything is scrubbed clean.

    Option B, since you are using an older version of LT, try the free Draftsight application. Probably better functionality/performance on Vista, IIRC 2008 was never supportedtested on anything after WinXP.

    But personally, I'd upgrade the OS to Win7 before doing any installs of anything, or doesngrade to XP if you really want to run 2008LT
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    Default Re: Acad LT Won't Start, Maintenance also won't run, any ideas???

    Windows Restore should have been the first fix: it may not be too late to do so, take it back to a week or month it all broke.
    Look up usage in Windows Help or Microsoft's website.
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