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Thread: DWF Markups chaning scale on some when reimported?

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    Question DWF Markups changing scale on some when re-imported?

    I am really liking the ability to export my Revit sheets to DWF drawing set... but I have a couple problems that have been occurring...


    I markup the set... import the DWF markups into Revit... great I can see them in my Revit file do my work... Then I re-export the sheets to a new DWF file... Cool the markups show up as markups in the new file... Now I import this DWF into the Revit file and surprise... some of the sheets markups jump in size Scaled up and off the sheets... I zoom extents and see the markups way off the sheets.. The strange thing is it only happens to some of the markups.. and in the DWF they still look fine...

    This is not going to help with the attempt to create a work flow that allows review by others who are not using Revit... and allow markups to travel from one review set to the next... The potential is there, yet these flaws will not help...

    Anyone have any ideas what is causing this?

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