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    Hello All,
    Thank you in advance. Sorry I don't speak Deutsch, but if someone can help me/direct me to the proper area I'll appreciate it.

    I am re-drawing a drawing from a PDF to AutoCad2009. These drawings were create in German w/ ISO 2768-1. My 2 questions are as follows, please refer the attachments for clarity.
    #1. On drawing "Angle Confusion" it shows a dimension that has me stumped as far as the angle of the line shown. It shows the dim of (metric) 0.15 x 45 deg. Look at checking the line angularity this is not 45 deg. If someone can help me figure this one out, thank you much. Or am I over-thinking this and just use the dim shown for the machinist to use?

    #2. On drawing "Angle Translation". Can someone please translate what is shown. I did do some translation word by word but it doesn't click in my head what exactly the info is on this dim. Also, as above question it also shows that dim with the 45 deg

    Can't wait for an answer, I'm in dire need of sending these drawings out to get parts made.
    Best Regards
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