Summary: Any flavor of Revit needs better support of multiple monitor setups, without cause weird display issues, flickers, lost tool panels, etc.

Description: Please fix the issues with multiple monitor support. I can't think of any other program that has problems when it moved away from the primary display. Show me a design office that is not using multiple monitor setups. Many, many people are using multiple monitors. Please make it work like AutoCAD does, with removable, dockable palettes that can be put on any monitor and the screen positions are stored so they are always the same every time you open it. And make sure it works no matter where the Revit main window is. I shouldn't have to be concerned about which monitor is the primary and have to keep Revit on that one so it works properly. I've only been using Revit for a year (since fall 2011), but this is my BIGGEST headache with it, having to fight to make it work and not being able to have it do what it should be able to do already.

Product and Feature: Revit MEP - Other

Submitted By: Tom Kendrick on 11/30/2012