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Thread: Utilize Dual Monitor Setup Properly

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    Default Utilize Dual Monitor Setup Properly

    Summary: I would really love to have the ability to fully utilize multiple monitor setup with Revit by being able to tile and drag drawing views etc onto other monitors.

    Description: I assume that most people these days using Revit probably have a dual monitor setup for their workstation yet currently we can only partly utilize that.

    We have the ability to drag any of the palettes such as the Properties Palette, Project Browser or pop-up dialog boxes onto a second window to try and maximise screen real estate for our drawing area.

    We can then open multiple views and then tile them and arrange them etc within the one monitor running the Revit application itself, but even with a large size monitor tiling several views starts restricting window size again which somewhat negates the benefit of putting palettes etc on another monitor anyway.

    To me it would be much more beneficial to be able to tile the drawing views and then be able to drag them onto a second (or more if you're lucky enough) monitor. That way for example one monitor might have a plan and section view on it while the other monitor may have say a schedule view and a 3D view meaning we still get a decent size area to work in for each view compared to the sarea available for the same views tiled on one monitor. Then we could spend less time constantly zooming in and around within small windows or tabbing between multiple views meaning more productive time spend on the actual model itself.

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Other

    Submitted By: Scott Sellars on 12/09/2012

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    Default Re: Utilize Dual Monitor Setup Properly

    There is one feature I would like to see in a multi-window environment that I fear even the magicians at Autodesk cannot provide, though I hope I am wrong.

    Working in a Unix environment under X-Windows, I saw how dragging the crosshairs across multiple windows brought the focus with it, so that wherever the cursor lands, that window immediately would respond to input. MS Windows cannot quite manage that. There are tweaks that come close, but I still have to click the window before it responds to input.

    You have to experience this firsthand to realize what a tremendous productivity enhancer this feature is in a windows environment. It joins all windows into a continuous slate to work upon. Maybe Autodesk could override MS Windows, the way they do with the clipboard.

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    This wish has been reported as granted and already in the software.

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