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    Default Linked Revit Models

    Can anyone tell me why when you are looking at the manage links window in Revit and expand the linked views with the +/- box on the left
    another file named (<Not Shared>) appears beneath? Also I would like to figure out how to get rid of it. It's mostly harmless until the linked view
    settings are changed. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks


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    Default Re: Linked Revit Models

    It's an additional override setting. Think of the first line as a Type Override: If you have multiple instance of the same Link in your View, they will all obey the Display Settings set by the first line. The second line is like an Instance Override: If you were to make a copy of the Link, an additional line would appear. This would allow you to control the V/G Overrides of the two Links separately.

    As to when and why - I cannot think of situation off hand that one would need to do this. To disable it, turn the Link back on, go to the Display Settings and set it back to "By Host View". In any case, it will still be there, but it won't be expanded by default. If you expand your other Link, you'll see the same thing.
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    Default Re: Linked Revit Models

    Development projects that reuse villa or house designs, for example, will load an individual link and copy it to many locations. The top most row is the definition of the link (Type) and the copies are the rows below it (Instance). This allows you to show the same ground floor plan on a site even though elevation differences would cause Revit to show different levels based on the cut plane of the view, as well as individual graphic overrides per instance.

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