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Thread: Revit MEP 2013 is de-selecting components and selecting browser items!

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    Default Revit MEP 2013 is de-selecting components and selecting browser items!

    This is hard to explain in a headline, but I recently upgraded from Revit MEP 2012 to 2013 and have been experiencing some strange stuff.

    Basically, Revit keeps de-selecting whatever family I am using -- wall, window, floor, whatever (I use Revit for creating geometries for energy modeling via gbxml) -- and ends up selecting some view in the project browser. For example, if I am placing windows in walls in a floor plan view, I can place them one after another and it will work fine, UNLESS I click over in the properties window to adjust a parameter or select a different type within the family. I used to be able to change these items and the family would remain selected so I could continue placing them in the floor plan (or other view) without selecting it again. However, after changing the properties, the family is no longer selected and I have to reselect it to place them in the view again. I have found that in some cases, I have to click in the floor plan again and the family will pop back up and allow me to place them, but not every time.

    Not sure if this is some kind of crazy setting, or a glitch with my installation. Has anybody else experienced a similar issue or have any advice?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Revit MEP 2013 is de-selecting components and selecting browser items!

    I'm not seeing that sort of issue. Are you using dual monitors with the Properties palette on the secondary monitor? I tried to replicate you issue but I'm on a laptop with a single screen.
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