Summary: Add a new editing mode for polylines for stretching a segment and adding new segments at the ends.

Description: The LWPOLYLINE (lightweight polyline) is a very useful and powerful object in AutoCAD. Grips and grip editing commands add much needed power and versatility. However, there are additional grip editing commands that would make this object even more useful and versatile.

Currently, when you drag a middle grip, the end points of that segment and the adjacent segments stretch along with the center point. What I would like is a toggle that causes additional segments to be added to the polyline on either end of the segment. Imaging a closed rectangular polyline. Add two points along the bottom of the rectangle. Now pull down the center segment's center grip. You now have a distorted "T" shape with the bottom corners at angles. Now image that instead of this, the middle segment translated down, and new segments connected this segment with the previously connected segments. Voila! A true "T" shape! Currently I draw lines to provide the points I need or use .X and .Y to create the new points.

I suggest that overriding the CTRL key with the drag could provide this. Well, maybe not as this seems to be a copy operation currently. You get the idea.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Drawing Tools 2D

Submitted By: Jan S Yoder on 12/19/2012