Summary: An on-off checkbox should be provided to regenerate the site. The site should not need to regenerate each time I place, delete, or move a point when editing. Secondly, I would like the option to edit the topography lines themselves rather than placing points.

Description: By providing an on-off checkbox for regenerating a site during editing, we can avoid the incredibly long wait times for regeneration of larger and more complex sites. Almost always there is no need to see the edited contours in live time each time you delete, move, or place a point. I'd like to finish editing my points and regenerate the site after I am finished.

In addition, whey are architects placing points? If this is a graphical architectural tool and not a civil tool, please provide a way to edit contours. There are a number of other missing site capabilities I would request as well such as the ability to select toposurface edges, provide straight and slanted retaining walls, provide a top extent limit to pads or have the ability to subtract a mass-in-place volume from a toposurface, have the ability to extrude curbs, sidewalks, and roads along toposurface 3D edges, or any number of helpful, simple toposurface site features.

Better yet, scratch the way Revit approaches site modeling and start over, because all Revit site tools are useless on a sloped site.

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Site tools

Submitted By: Nick Baxter on 12/26/2012