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Thread: Working with central files off the network/domain?

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    Default Working with central files off the network/domain?

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a way for my people to work on Revit files at off-site locations while they are out of the office disconnected from our network\domain. Usually there are more than two people so a direct link from computer to computer via crossover cable is probably not the way I'd want to go. Has anyone out there setup a mobile network of computers? Say on a wireless router that everyone can connect to a shared folder and work on the same central file? Would also need our AutoCAD users to be able to jump on this and work as well. Most importantly is to get our Revit users to be able to work on or save to the same central file. Appreciate any suggestions or feedback that will help. Much thanks!

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    Default Re: Working with central files off the network/domain?


    You can use a nas drive with a file sharing feature connected to a wifi router. Or a router with a simple server function with a connected hdd.
    This will allow you to host the central file and if you'll set it up correctly, you will be able to sync the data with your main office.



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