Summary: When exiting after editing a sketch that is used in a feature, the feature tries to update directly, which often fails because the sketch has changed. If you could exit and edit feature directly, it would save time for INV to check the feature and then throw up an error when the designer knows there will be a problem.

Description: Especially with features that take time to compute (extrusions that are used in large patterns etc), when you exit the sketch after doing a change, the feature tries to update directly, which will often fail or need editing (extra extrude profiles etc). It can take a lot of time to try and create the feature, but then fail on something the designer knew would fail anyway. It would be good to be able to exit the sketch like it is today, or exit and edit feature as an extra icon.

Product and Feature: Inventor - Sketching

Submitted By: Tim Grabham on 01/10/2013