Hello all,

I am seeking advice on how to begin creating a construction model. I am relatively new to using revit making this a bit of a challenge. On the project I am currently working on I am receiving updated models from the Architect as they make changes to their model, however their model as a whole is not truly accurate and many construction details/information is left out. I have currently branched from the latest Architect model (creating a seperate copy) and I have began reviewing the model to insure its accuracy with the intent of updating the model for every ASI that comes out. I ran into a lot of issues getting the model going. Worksets created the bulk of the issue as the model was saved with worksets and i do not need them as i will be the only one in the model. I ended up having to remove them from central and relink the files after saving. A level of BIM has yet to be established from the owner. I also am receiving CAD Files from MEP, and Structural Steel, so I will be removing many files that are currently linked into the model from the architect/engineer and replacing them with "as-built models". I found a lot of good information online, however most of it didn't quite apply to my unique situation. As of now it looks like i will just be diving in and getting into the model to insure its accuracy. If anyone has been in this situation or has any advice that would be very helpful. But for now here are some of my main questions:
- How do i go about establishing what level of model we can create?
- The information I have found on BIM Levels is very vague. What exactly do i need to include in a Level 4/5?
- Is it efficient to create a separate model to create a separate construction model?
- Many things are detailed but not actually modeled, this is ussually because they are time intensive and extremely difficult to do. Do i need to be modeling all of these items?( Falls into the what exactly is required at each Level question)
- How do i track and insure that my model is accurate/ up to date? I noticed I have caused other issues editing new issues.
- I also am running into an issue with doubling up in the models.Ex: I have a Architectural and Structural model linked together and they both have structural walls modeled.Do I delete one?

- Do i just need to start over on this project and rebuild everything from scratch?I think it would be much easier to rebuild and start from scratch, however a lot of the modeling that was done is over my skill level and It would take me a very long time.

Where do I start?

I really could list these little questions for days. Unfortunately a lot of the information i have found is too vague or too big picture and doesnt get into the nut and bolts like I need.