Hi! I am new to AUGI so forgive any newbie mistakes in my posting.

I am Shared Parameter trouble. Somehow I ended up with two SP called "littera" in a project (long story). Of course they are not the same as they have different GUID's. In the past I have just isolated the families that had the "bad littera" and exchanged the "bad littera" for the "good littera", reloaded into the project and problem solved. The "bad littera" no longer shows up in list of "available fields" when I create schedules. Hooray!

Well in my current project, I can't seem to find how to get rid of this "bad littera". I made a schedule of families and their littera and filtered by "bad littera" parameter exisits. Then I opened each of the 9 familes that were in this schedule, changed the "bad littera" to "good littera" and then reloaded them all into the project. Technically this should have made my schedule empty (since the 9 edited families would now not have an existing "bad littera" parameter). But the schedule didn't change. So I tried to just remove the "bad littera" SP from the list of fields in the schedule. But it just jumped back over to the available fields box and it didn't dissapear from the project. So this "bad littera" is still showing up in the available fields for the schedule.

Any ideas about how to get rid of this ghost parameter?