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Thread: Inches Revert Back to 0.0 on Transforms

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    Default Inches Revert Back to 0.0 on Transforms

    Anyone know why Navis seems to always revert the inches back to 0.0 when making a transform. Specifically, I am setting up a section plane and I manually enter in the Z coordinate to be 114' 11.0" and the view will adjust. But without fail, when I start to navigate the model again it will jump the section cut back down to 114' 0.0". I have tried entering in with several different formats, but the problem seems to persist. For what it is worth, my display units are set to feet and inches with a 1/2" tolerance.

    Is there a setting I can adjust to stop this (somewhat annoying) problem?

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    Default Re: Inches Revert Back to 0.0 on Transforms

    Hi Ben

    I am using metric millimetres and it appears to be working OK.
    It seems odd, as most of the time the "bugs" are on the metric settings.

    Have you tried it in decimal feet, to see if that works?


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