Summary: Override cut fill patterns of materials, for instance: override cut pattern fill with another fill pattern based on scale of the view.

Description: For instance brick walls: we need another drafting fill pattern for 1:100/1:50 views then for 1:5/1:10 views.

In 2013 we can override an OBJECT, but not a MATERIAL's FILL PATTERN.

What I want: some kind of filter where I can do things like:
Make a filter: select all objects (OR SUBOBJECTS LIKE SUBCATS of DOORS!) that have materials with drafting patternX, and override those patterns with patternY.

I would then use the filter in view templates of more detailed views like 1:5 and 1:10.

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Other

Submitted By: ivan ivanovski on 01/26/2013