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Thread: Annotative Leader at Different Scales

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    Default Annotative Leader at Different Scales

    Hi all,

    Long time reader, first time posting. This is the issue that's finally made me break down and post, as I haven't seen a thread with this problem anywhere yet, and it is (should be) a simple problem. Lot's of threads for 'leaders with no text', my problem is the inverse. Here it goes:

    I have a leader that I have set to display at two different scales, 1:1000 and 1:2000. The leader is, of course, at two very different locations at the two different scales for sake of legibility. At the higher scale (1:2000), the leader has a fair distance to point and the arrow is necessary; at the closer scale, I don't want it to be a leader, but to just appear as a text box beside the object the leader points to (i.e. no leader lines or arrowhead).

    I am aware that once the text is very close the arrow head will disappear, however, the leader lines are still present. One can perform a number of changes to the two 'displays' of the same leader (such as rotation, etc.), but I can't seem to control leader arrows/lines independently at the two scales (adding and removing leader lines seems, to me, to affect both scales). There is 'work around' options: two separate objects (a text box and a leader), either set to their respective scales or on different layers or simply annotate in paperspace - however, as I am performing this annotation routinely (10-20 times/dwg and 20-30 dwgs to produce in the next month), a solution will keep my workflow streamlined and organized, so I would like to avoid that, if possible.

    Hopefully I've explained my issue adequately. I would love any suggestions or feedback! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Annotative Leader at Different Scales

    This is an old thread and I do not have an exact answer for you, but I had used this kind of symbol tagging my finishes by using a dynamic annotation block. This block has a visibility that could take out the leader or show it. And an annotation scale based on your choice.

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