My need is to create up to 50 points from the same origin in a three dimensional Cartesian coordinate system but I’d also like to have a labels for each point that show up in the feature tree.

Are there Inventor 2013 plugin (i.e., add-on, 3rd party, AP) to convert a list 3D Cartesian coordinate system locations (i.e., points) to Inventor to work points(x, y, z)?

As a new Inventor user, I found that I cannot create 3D points in the assembly. Is this correct?

I did find that an Inventor part may be used to create a 3D sketch that creates points in 3D space. In the past few days, I found two ways to create 3D points within a iPRT; the batch way uses an Excel file but it then does not allow me to name the points in the feature tree. The second way is to create them one at a time but that take way too much time.

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