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Thread: Revit Structure Trusses at an Angle possible?

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    Lightbulb Revit Structure Trusses at an Angle possible?

    I am trying to create an angled truss family like the one in the attached image using the 2013 Revit structure truss family. When I do, the webs start moving at an angle when I rotate the truss, moved the end points, draw it in manually or typing in the coordinates by the end points. The attached file is created using groups, which is not ideal because the components in the group start moving around as I am working in the file and Revit wants to modify the groups when something touches the truss. Such a pain working with groups, but trying to replace it with a truss family is not working out so well. I created a flat truss and an angle truss family, but Revit does not like either for some reason. It allows importing an angle truss, but does not allow me to place the angle truss. Placing a flat truss and trying to move it to an angle position creates the problems mentioned above about the webs.
    By the way the building uses 70+ of these trusses and they are all the same. The trusses are roughly 230 ft. long and about 8 ft. deep and broken into 6 parts, but I will worry about showing a break after I get an angle truss to work first. So getting them to work right would be nice.
    Does anyone have any ideas on how I could create a truss at an angle?
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