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Thread: Parent View and Intersecting View not an Option in some Details

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    Question Parent View and Intersecting View not an Option in some Details

    I was excited to see the option to have callouts either show up only in parent views or in all intersecting views in 2013.

    However, I have strange situation I can't figure out how to fix. In an elevation I created details using the section command and selecting detail view from the properties menu as I didn't want the callout bubble. However, when I do this, the detail tag is showing up in all intersecting views and I don't seem to be able to change this. Is there something I am missing or a different way to solve this problem? We are doing curtain wall elevations and calling out head/jamb/sill details etc.



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    Default Re: Parent View and Intersecting View not an Option in some Details

    Quote Originally Posted by heather.leibman View Post
    ...I created details using the section command...
    I believe this is the root issue. The "Show In" feature you are describing only refers to detail callouts. These will not work with the section tool, even if you change it to detail afterwards. Revit still sees this as a section because of the tool you used to create the annotation with.

    There are several approaches to dealing with curtainwall documentation throughout the forum.

    Without changing your current workflow or having you backtrack, you my want to consider drafting views for your curtainwall details. Then on your elevations, use the section tool as you were before, except this time choose "Reference other view" in the options bar. Choose the appropriate drafting view from the pull down list, and place your annotation.
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