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Thread: Deleting toolbars from a .cuix

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    Default Deleting toolbars from a .cuix

    I have what I think is a simple question, but I am having difficulty with it. I have a company .cuix menu that is loaded as a partial menu to the main acad.cuix file. I want to delete all the toolbars and pull down menus associated with it and leave the other stuff in place. This is in Autocad 2011 but should also translate to 2013. So far, I have tried opening the CUI menu, going to the company.cuix partial menu and deleting the toolbars. Then I hit save, then Apply. Toolbars disappear and pulldown menus go away. But when I reload AutoCAD they come back. What am I missing here?

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    Default Re: Deleting toolbars from a .cuix

    Are you absolutely certain that the file you are editing is the same one as is being opened by acad?

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    Default Re: Deleting toolbars from a .cuix

    You say its company cuix. Is it getting reloaded from a network location each session? Perhaps from a startup switch, profile?
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    Default Re: Deleting toolbars from a .cuix

    Sounds like their startup checks for differences in a local copy of the company CUIx, and if the modify dates are different the company one overrides.

    Is it not possible to instead simply modify your workspace, rather than attempting to modify/delete components from the company CUIx? If your company mandates something, methinks attempting to permanently delete are not going to be well received.
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