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Thread: having trouble beginning in Inventor 2013

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    Default having trouble beginning in Inventor 2013

    I recently became unemployed so I'm trying to get some additional training by learning Inventor. I'm a 20 year user of acad through r2008. I have downloaded a student version of Inv 2013 pro but am having a hard time getting basic commands to work. For instance, when I try to pan using the wheel on the mouse, I get the pan cursor but nothing happens until i hit enter or right click. Also when moving around the different features and looking at sample drawings/models my system seems a bit laggy. Here are specs:
    Dell optiplex 990 core i5 3.1 ghz
    win 7 pro 64 bit
    8 gb ram
    Radeon HD 6350 w/512 mb ram

    Inventor 2013 Pro
    build 176 release 2013 SP1.1

    Other commands like rectangle and circle seem to work fine. Is it possible that I need more memory on the graphics card? Am I missing a setting for the mouse?


    Tom G.
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    Default Re: having trouble beginning in Inventor 2013

    Here are the hardware requirements for IV 2013.

    As far as the mouse goes, are you clicking and holding the scroll wheel and nothing happens? Because it should just start panning. You can also get the pan and zoom commands on the View Tab under Navigate.

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    Default Re: having trouble beginning in Inventor 2013

    That hardware should work fine. Sounds like there is something wrong with your mouse or your install.
    Did you install with anti-virus and UAC turned off?
    Are you using a 3D Connexion device?

    Does Tools>Application Options>Hardware tab set on lowest setting make a difference?

    Also I don't understand the mouse action at all that you describe using the wheel.
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