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Thread: Pesky trusses!

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    Default Pesky trusses!

    Firstly, I have totally given up on the Revit truss tool and have made up my truss from beams and columns, this looks great as I can use the cope tool to trim the ends of the beam etc. BUT i have 2 problems;

    1. I have created my truss in a seperate project as I thought this would be simpler but am now struggling to transfer it into my 'actual' project. I have tried 'load as group into open projects' but it messes up the alignment of the members. What would be the best way to get it into my project?

    2. I am trying to create a series of trusses where the end bay of the truss varies on each one. Can anybody suggest how I would achieve this? I know I need a new parameter but cant seem to get the beams to constrain so that when I update the domension, the sloping beam moves to accomodate the new dim. In the attached image I need dimension (a) to change when the overall dimension is updated.

    I have attached the project containing the truss.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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