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Thread: Change Multiple Blocks' Attributes, Some with same name. Same drawing.

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    Default Change Multiple Blocks' Attributes, Some with same name. Same drawing.

    A workmate of mine got some some code from here and we are trying to learn(understand) whats going on with it. We wanted to automatically fill a block's attributes from a selection in Excel. I have a piece of code that has the user select/pick a block to fill. What I want is for the selection to fill multiple blocks in an active drawing. Some of the blocks are the same - which means the same tags/attributes. I've included the code that allows the user to select the block and throws the Excel selection to certain attributes. Can someone help me change the code so that 1) I don't have to manually select blocks - it will find them. 2) One cell (from Excel) will go to multiple blocks - some are same block name. 3) An IF statement that if a certain cell isn't blank/nil (pretend it would be (nth 21 vl) change DESC11 to XYZ and DESC12 to ABC. For Block namesake we'll call one, BLOCK1 (say it has 3 instances and gets different info in each case) BLOCK2 (say it has 2 instances, also gets different info) BLOCK 1 AND 2 HAVE SAME ATTR. - TAG1, BLOCK 3 AND 4 both have an attribute - DESCAA1 that gets different info from Excel. Again, I claim no ownership of this code as it was gotten from this forum I believe. Thanks for any help.
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