I am Using ArcSDE connection in Auto-cad and Connect database through "Temp" version of ArcSDE(I have Created 'Temp' Version in ArcSDE).

1) How to get ArcSDE version information that i have connected in AutoCAD Map (C# .net programming.) ?

2) When i create any feature through FDO object in AutoCAD Map all feature are automatically save into ArcSDE Default Version.
we are using 'OSGeo.FDO.Connections.IConnection' object in C# .net but in this object only 5 Properties are present.
1 - Server
2 - Instance
3- Username
4 - Password
5 - Datastore

There is no other option for 'Version' Properties.

This query are related to API.
So please Inform me ASAP.

Hemant Carpenter