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Thread: AutoCAD Automated Drawing checker (for education...) ?

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    Default AutoCAD Automated Drawing checker (for education...) ?


    Does anyone know if such a thing exists??? I realize that there are a ton of caveats and gotch-yas with such a tool - I'm not looking for that discussion. I just wonder if anyone has used or knows of such a tool. Grading AutoCAD assignments is far and away my most time-consuming task - more than statics, metallurgy, or intro to engineering technology! There has to be a tool to help with this. I did find a couple of papers from San Diego State U. discussing the creation of a program to do this, but I can't track down the authors or main advisor.

    THanks for any help anyone can offer!


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    Default Re: AutoCAD Automated Drawing checker (for education...) ?

    No, I have not heard of anything that will do that.

    What are some of the things you need to check?

    Have you thought about using the Markup Set Manager? I am not certain that is the right way to go, though.
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    Default Re: AutoCAD Automated Drawing checker (for education...) ?

    What is it you're trying to check, adherence to the CAD standard or the drawing content itself?

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