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Thread: Using Batch Plot with Page Setups does not work

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    Default Using Batch Plot with Page Setups does not work

    I work for a company that dose a lot of plotting. This is my first time trying to batch plot because, I have a deliverable to get out and I am not trying to que up each drawing. I've been practicing batch plotting and so far, I can create a new list, add drawings to the list, select the device. But Iam having real problems with the page setup. Most of my drawings are to be plotted on (C size and D size). When go to page setup in the batch utility, I am prompted to select a drawing or a template. When I select a drawing with the proper page setup it only plots that drawing per it page setup, all the other drawing won't plot per the selected drawing page setup. Please tell me the correct and easy way to plot a batch plot with all the drawing plotted at the selected page setup and maintaining either MONOCHROME or GRAYSCALE.


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    Default Re: Using Batch Plot with Page Setups does not work


    What version of AutoCAD are you using?

    Before you apply the Page Setup are you selecting (highlighting) all the drawing files that you want the Page Setup to apply to?

    ID: TS66067 - Unable to use Batch Plot Utility to plot drawing with page setup

    ID: TS56239 - Page setup is not applied in batch plot


    Try the Forum Search facility for things like Batch / Publish / Plot etc.

    Have a good one, Mike

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