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Thread: Collaborative todo lists in revit

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosskirby View Post
    We do it as a key schedule, not a note block schedule, so that all you have to do in the schedule is click the "new row" (or whatever it says) button, and voila, new entry. It's not tied to any object in the project.
    Ross, if you create a key schedule, I agree that it is not tied any one object so you can create as many instances as you need to make a list, but what category would you use? It seems bad cad management to create a key schedule based on a door category (which I just tried to test this out) because then every door has this parameter that you do not use where you could select task1, task2, etc. Would you just pick a category that is not likely to show up in your project like a pipe fitting? Sorry if that is a stupid question, I am just trying to work my way through and understand your method.

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    Default Re: Collaborative todo lists in revit

    BIM Troublemaker wrote a post on his blog in June 2011 about using Noteblocks to schedule and track such communication and coordination between different firms. Might be worth a read?

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