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Thread: Design of RC member considering slab T and L beam

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    Default Design of RC member considering slab T and L beam

    Q1, concrete member definition-beam allows user to consider monolithic-cast-in-situ beam and slab as T beam? Yes or No
    Q1.1, how do we consider edge beam as in L beam? Note: the beam member definition those not allow me put only b1 and leave out b2 to represent L beam

    Q2, I have hand calculated b1 and b2 using eurocode 2 formula to define beams in my model and I am having a funny looking reinforcement beam model shown in the picture attached

    Q3, Is there no automatic way in RSA to consider T and L beam using eurocode 2 formula since I have supplied RSA full 3d model from revit. the same also goes for specifying buckling coefficient for columns.
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