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Thread: GI11-1L: Hands On GIS and GPS

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    Default GI11-1L: Hands On GIS and GPS

    Instructor: Lucy Kuhns – Holman’s Inc.

    Class Description: In this class, you will experience first-hand just how easy it is to complete a simple GIS project from start to finish. We will start by building a base map of Las Vegas, learning how to incorporate GIS data sources with different projections and coordinate systems into your project. Next, we will see how to effectively gather real feature data using GPS. You will learn about scale factors and establishing control so your data will work accurately in your project. You will then download actual GPS data directly into Autodesk Map 3D and learn how to create and manage COGO points and point groups. Then, you will see how to add object data to these features using attributed blocks and how to painlessly generate and link a relational database. Finally, we will be able to create queries, topologies, and prepare presentation maps in our working GIS! And, if you bring your own GPS hand-held receiver to Autodesk University® and collect some data along the Las Vegas Strip, you will learn how to add it to the base map you build in this class (don't forget your download cable) ... otherwise, there will be plenty of data for you to use. This class is designed for anyone seeking an introduction to creating a simple, yet complete working GIS. Also ideal for those wanting to explore the use of handheld GPS devices as data collection tools, or those needing to incorporate point data into their GIS.
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