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Thread: PD23-1: Direct Manipulation of Laser Scan Point Clouds in AutoCAD® Software

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    Default PD23-1: Direct Manipulation of Laser Scan Point Clouds in AutoCAD® Software

    Instructors: Dirk Langer - Z+F USA, inc.

    Class Description: The class will introduce the LFM Server plug in and demonstrate its capabilities using examples from a variety of process and manufacturing plant environments. LFM Server enables users to view 3D point clouds at high resolution while serving these points to AutoCAD. This enables AutoCAD users to view high-resolution laser scan data within their familiar environment. They can then apply normal tools such as point measurement and drawing, 3D modeling from AutoCAD-based libraries, and extrusion from 2D plan. This class is designed for users of AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based software working on design projects in the process and manufacturing plants market.
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