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Thread: ED35-2: Super Glue Training - AutoCAD 2006

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    Default ED35-2: Super Glue Training - AutoCAD 2006

    Instructors: Mark Kiker and Gary Williams

    Class Description: CAD manager training budgets are tight, if they exist at all. Getting management to cough up some cash for training is tough. Getting users away from work is even tougher. What if you told them that you could train your users for the price of a sandwich or a slice of pizza? What if the users don't even have to leave the office to get trained? Would management go for that? Come and hear about methods for upgrading your software talents for the price of lunch. This class will provide concepts, tips and tricks, and walk you through a complete 60-minute training class for AutoCAD 2006. Walk away with curriculum you can use.
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