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Thread: DV41-3: Using mental ray for Exterior Renderings

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    Default DV41-3: Using mental ray for Exterior Renderings

    Instructor: Mark Couture

    Class Description: Has mental ray software been making you "mental" in Autodesk VIZ 2005? If you've attempted to learn mental ray and have been frustrated, then you'll benefit from this class. We'll help you progress quickly along the learning curve and discuss how to use mental ray for producing top notch exterior renderings. We'll take you through a repeatable process for getting great results with the software. We'll also use Photoshop software and add plenty of scene elements like landscape, people, cars, and more to make your renderings look just like the pros'. You'll learn how to:

    • Set up the environment and rendering settings
    • Configure your exterior lighting and discuss the options
    • Create killer materials like glass and grass.

    By the time we're done you'll see architectural glass in any color, and a grass material so real that you could mow it! We'll also share techniques and websites that will help you take your renderings to the next level by adding great finishing details.
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