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Thread: PD11-1: Introduction to AutoCAD® P&ID: The New P&ID Solution from Autodesk

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    Default PD11-1: Introduction to AutoCAD® P&ID: The New P&ID Solution from Autodesk

    Instructors: Ursula Sadiq - Autodesk, Inc.

    Class Description: Learn how to use Autodesk Plant to draw intelligent Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) At the end of the session, you will understand how Autodesk Plant leverages standard AutoCAD productivity tools with user-customizable symbols to quickly and easily create and edit drawings in a way not possible using base AutoCAD You will receive in-depth step-by-step instructions on how to take a typical P&ID and leverage standard AutoCAD functionality to make a number of graphical revisions to the drawing while ensuring all end-line and in-line equipment maintain connectivity and inheritance You will learn how to build a library of commonly used process assemblies and how to ensure consistency of process pipe line properties across multiple drawing files Finally, you will see a significantly modified drawing and learn how to generate project reports for Line, Valve, Instrument, and Equipment
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