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Thread: MA23-4: The Basics Of Dynamic Simulation

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    Default MA23-4: The Basics Of Dynamic Simulation

    Instructors: Ravi Akella - Autodesk, Inc. and Miles Carlson (Co-Speaker)

    Class Description: Dynamic Simulation provides analysis tools for Autodesk Inventor Professional software users that allow a thorough evaluation of product performance in 3D. Dynamic Simulation provides animation, kinematics evaluation of paths and positions, and dynamic analysis to review timing and determine forces. By enhancing the virtual prototype, Dynamic Simulation streamlines the design process and provides higher-quality first articles. During this session, we’ll introduce typical design issues that can be solved with Dynamic Simulation and the basics workflows a) create joint b) define the physical environment, c) run the simulation, d) analyze the results, and e) export Motion loads to Stress Analysis.
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