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Thread: GS11-2: Introduction to Autodesk Topobase 2007

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    Default GS11-2: Introduction to Autodesk Topobase 2007

    Instructors: Curtis Egli - Autodesk, Inc. and Arnab Ganguly (Co-Speaker)

    Class Description: This class will explore how the Autodesk Topobase solution for infrastructure will enable you to create, manage, and share spatial data across your organization. Built on an open, industry-standard database environment, Topobase integrates CAD, GIS, engineering, and other data types for every stage of your project lifecycle. Users throughout the organization, from planning to design to accounting, get the information they need fast, operating at maximum productivity with an easy-to-implement solution. See how Autodesk’s solution for public works can simplify complex processes and remove bottlenecks by entering data into the project database once, and then reusing it downstream beyond the immediate deliverable. An effective solution that aligns with your normal workflow without the challenges of proprietary data exchange and silos of information.
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